Plans & Prices


Plans & Prices

Live-Chat Counseling: Skype or FaceTime
Live – chat counseling is one-on-one therapy using a private, secure connection with live video.

One 45-minute therapy session = $102
Four 45-minute therapy session = $94/session
Eight 45-minute therapy session = $88/session
Email Counseling: ^^
Gives you the time you need to express exactly what you want to say as well as contemplate my counsel before responding.

30 minutes = $56 *
60 minutes = $78

* This email is intended for someone who has a simple, brief question he or she would like to get a professional’s opinion on, or a new client who wants to try out a single, brief email before signing up for a larger package.

^^Here’s how email counseling works. To start an email exchange, along with your first email you purchase a package of email processing time. For each email you send me, I will let you know the time it takes to read and reply to that email as well as how much time remains in your “time bank.” Purchasing additional packages adds more time to your time bank. If you complete your work with time remaining in the bank, fees for the remaining time will be promptly refunded.

**Please send me a private message if you have a special circumstance to discuss how to move forward together.