How We Will Work Together

Commit to Change in Yourself

  • Change does not happen over night, especially when patterns have been created over years if not decades. Have patience.  Give yourself time to identify what isn’t working in order to learn and create new ways of approaching life..
  • In order to heal yourself and move forward in your life, you must first make room for this change in both your body and mind.  You will come to understand your real story and the fears and obstacles that have prevented you from following your path and thwarted change from happening. Through this process you will begin to let go of the negative thoughts, emotions and experiences that have been building up.  These will bubble up to the surface as you work and make you feel worse before you feel better.  But once they come up, they will be released and they will no longer create obstacles for you.
  • Once you know what keeps you from your journey, you will begin to re-explore what you are passionate about and how to make it yours.

Commit to Therapy

  • Therapy involves both the client and therapist having a mutual respect for the process.  This includes keeping appointments, being on time and being truthful about what you want to discuss.
  • Use our time together to be honest with yourself and with me.  As your therapist, we have a confidential relationship that will not be discussed with or shared with anyone except in the rarest of cases.
  • As a therapist, I will not make decisions for you, but I will help you understand your thoughts and emotions so you can make better decisions for yourself.  I will help enable you to be able to fulfill these choices in a healthy way.