I Like Being a Vegetarian, It Does NOT Like Me!


So my naturopath decided to do a complete work up of food allergies and sensitivites on me, and I went Friday May 30 to see her. And this is what she said:

“You CANNOT be a vegetarian or pescatarian EVER again. And, everything that every MS Diet book has ever said to do, DON’T LISTEN!”

um.. huh??!!?! I have been a veggie/pesce for 20 years now. I first began when my father had heart failure because I thought it would help lower my future risk of heart disease that runs on his side of the family. Then as I got deeper into yoga and meditation because of how it made me feel spiritually, physically and emotionally, I knew it was right for me, or not…

As a veggie I only eat beans, nuts and fish for protein.

My naturopath then told me, “You are allergic to or have a food sensitivity to ALL nuts (except coconut), ALL fish (except sardines), and all beans (except lentils and garbanzos) and a SUPER severe allergy to coffee, peanuts, lemons/limes (who has allergies to lemon!?!?!) and walnuts! Oh my lord.. walnuts, peanuts and lemons? Not to mention a super severe allergy to cats, which I learned at the place I just moved out of.


So I was in complete shock. She, also, was in complete shock. She could not believe the sheer number of foods on that list. Not to mention, every MS Diet book says to stop eating gluten and dairy and start eating fish! And, I am NOT allergic to gluten or dairy (or chocolate, yay!) and I am very much allergic to fish.

OK, let me be clear, I am using allergy and sensitivity as one and it isn’t. They are different, but they do both cause problems with digestion and who knows what else.

This is what I said to her. Listen lady (OK, I didn’t say that, I really like her) I just taught myself to cook about 9 months ago. I taught myself to cook based on my veggie diet and also because I removed all processed food from my existence. This is like starting over and I have NO IDEA what to do!

This was my life for awhile:

-an apple with almond butter almost every day… GONE!
-warm water with lemon every morning (I know, it’s weird.) GONE!
-salmon, swordfish, trout, all shellfish, red snapper, cod 2x/week !!!!! GONE!
-Kidney beans, lima beans, oats, pinto beans, soybeans, navy beans and bean sprouts at least 2-3x/week GONE!!!
-sesame, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, every day GONE!!!!
-Beer, wine and vinegar…while I hate beer, I began drinking wine and not feeling well and vinegar is used on all my salads GONE!! (I knew I wasn’t crazy.. I know I feel really bad after wine.. finally, proof of my sanity!)
-And… ALL spice, dill, fennel, basil, peppermint, sage, thyme, vanilla, mustard, nutmeg, cayenne, ginger… BYE BYE

Actually, when I look at the list and think about it, I knew some of the foods didn’t make me feel good but I knew they were “healthy”, so I kept eating them.


As I composed this list I realized.. holy crap, I have to eat beef and lamb and all those other really cute, sweet, adorable animals in order to be healthy.

So, I looked up online for all grass-fed, beef restaurants and there is a website specifically for this. I then called my parents and my cousin and they came down to Brooklyn and we had a meat party. Kind of. I ordered a side of kale, which I could barely eat because it was doused in lemon and vinegar (here it goes, I’m totally going to be the most annoying one at any table/ restaurant!.. oi) and they order lamb and meatballs and gave me a small piece of each.


And I ate it. And to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t that good. But, I felt comfortable and OK eating it. I also realize that as I move forward and continue to eat it, I may start to forget the importance of honoring this meat and the animal which it came from and thanking him/her for giving me it’s body to help heal my body. However, I sure as hell will try. That is the least I can do along with going to places that only serve grass-fed meat. Some people say its the same. I personally feel, as you already know from my chicken blog, every person and animal should be treated humanely while they live. I still have a hard time with the idea that animals are killed for our sake, but I have to be OK with it because right now I am not healthy. And hopefully, with time, allergies and food sensitivites change and I can go back to being a vegetarian.

And on a final note… with bad news ALWAYS comes good news. I CAN eat:


Every MS diet says to stop all gluten and eat fish. Guess not! As I learned this week, every of anything is never for everyone.

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