Namaste, HUH?! Why it’s important to share your story


I had written in a previous blog why I felt it was important to talk about MS. For one, I needed to be able to have people in my life with whom I can share my limitations and my successes. I wanted them to feel comfortable talking to me about it and asking questions and I wanted to be available to other men and women who are afflicted with MS or any other disease.

But a reason I never would have guessed, a reason far more important and wonderful came about this past Saturday night.

This is my little, beautiful, loving, joyful story…

My old roommate/ faux sister, Mary, told me she wanted to take a vacation in Rockland. What?? Vacation in Rockland County?!! She told me she wanted to say good-bye to my house before my parents move. So I said, “OK!” and we took off on Rockland Coaches Friday afternoon. Mary had told me she was taking me out for foot massages to celebrate me and all the difficulties I had been faced with this year, thus far: Victor and the Visa and my MS.


I was so grateful, especially when the massage was over. OMG was it amazing!! Then my father picked us up because he “needed” the car and drove us back home. He said that the wires in the garage were crossed and the garage was not working so we had to go through the front door.

Then Mary opens the door and I hear people scream, “NAMASTE!!!!!!!!!!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.06.58 AM

“WHAT?!?!?!?!” I looked up and saw all of my closest friends (minus those not in NY and a few who couldn’t make it because it was a major holiday weekend) and I just kind of got stuck. Huh? What? Namaste? Why are you all here? What’s going on? What happened? Is it my birthday? Really.. what?!?! And for a good 5 minutes (or at least it felt like 5 minutes) I was so friggin confused I thought I was losing my mind. Everyone was standing there and smiling at me and I just had no idea why!!!

Then I looked around and got even more confused… Dana and Chris came from 333! Ive never seen either of them outside of 333! Mrs. Preggers and Adam were there from JC? Nitzan!?!? How did she get up?? I love that she came!!! And Stephanie?? Holy crap..she zip carred up for this! of course behind the camera were Jaimelan, the artist and creative extraordinaire, Mary’s bf!!! How’d he get here?!?! That’s all I got to say about that! Portnoy.. PORTNOY?!?! (AKA Steve) The kid had gone MIA 2 months ago! How the hell did you find him?!?! And of course Mary and my parents… and yet I still have NO FRIGGIN CLUE why they were there!

Finally I started to really listen and look and I see a big Buddha and it says, “Pin the Hands on the Buddha” then I see all these socks hanging from the stair case with a sign that says “Sock it to MS” and last but least a piñata of something patriotic (I’m not going to get myself in trouble here) and I felt my eyes well up with tears.



Mary came forward and said that she put this together because she knew that this has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me between Victor and the MS and that she and all my other friends wanted to show their love and support to me as I go through this. Next thing I know we are all sitting at the dinner table, Jason and Camille join in at this point, talking, hanging out and then back to the living room where they show me a video that Jaime put together of everyone telling me how much they love me, including a video mantage that Victor had sent before he left for his 10 day meditation course in Colombia. I thought I was going to lose it. And the best part of video: JAIME!!!! Jaime recorded herself singing new lyrics to our favorite video song and then dancing to it: Hey Mickey! The song was so intelligent and awesome and CRAAAAZY!! I’m going to put the lyrics of the song below. You MUST read them. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!

It was honestly the most beautiful thing any one or group of people have ever done for me in my life.

We then played celebrities, of course! And I bashed the piñata at which point lots of dollar bills with Victor’s face came flying down (hehe) and we ate dessert. I never liked parties because I never wanted to put anyone out or put pressure on people to celebrate me. But this was a celebration that was beyond any party. It was my closest friends telling me they love me and back my fight against MS.

(look closely, you’ll see Victor’s face on all the dollar bills – J*ME did it again!!!)

So many many people have always said I was lucky:
“You’re so lucky you’ve travelled so much”
“You’re so lucky you survived that car accident”
“You’re so lucky you got a great job”
“You’re so lucky to have found an apartment in Brooklyn Heights!!”
“You’re so lucky…..”

But none of that really meant anything to me. But this does.


I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my friends and family. This was the main reason I came back to NY. I missed them and their support more than anything. I LOVE ALL OF YOU.



THE MOST AMAZING SONG EVER written, sang, edited, danced by the infamous J*me:


“Oh MS your such slime, your such slime she’ll kick your hine

Oh MS your such slime, your such slime she’ll kick your hine

She’s been around the world for very very long
Then she found MR. right and something went wrong
First came the witch dr. and then the herbalist
Now the Chinese doctor, she’s making MS her bitch

Screw MS screw MS

Veggies all day long, its gonna be the cure
She may have MS, but it doesn’t have her
We’re all here for you, to keep you safe and strong
love is your power and in your heart we belong

Screw MS screw MS”

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me since day 1. I love you all.

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