Doc, Doc, Doc, Guess!


This is more of an informational blog for people who are interested in healing modalities other than trained western medical doctors. It has been very challenging to look at MS and think, hm, I do not want to use western medicine. I choose to use another healing modality. But your guess is as good as mine as to what will work for me. So I had to go a try and discover and what felt the best.

I would like to share the doctors, healers and nutritionists I have seen over the past 2-3 weeks. These men and women help not only people with MS but with any known and unknown disease you may have. No matter how you are feeling, if it is not perfect and you are not in balance, it may be something you think about doing to.

However, it can become expensive. I knew when I started 2 weeks ago, it was going to be very overwhelming to meet so many people from so many different backgrounds of healing, especially since I am not familiar with any of them. I also understood very quickly that my parents’ financial support, along with their emotional support, was going to be paramount.

Below I have listed the people I have seen and the cost of their sessions. Mind you, many of these men and women are healers. I personally understand that my disease has to do with my dis – ease and its stems from emotional issues that I have suppressed over many, many years. Add to that the very poor diet I have maintained over 3 decades and wah-lah.

Neurologist with an MS Center – Dr. Stark – $700
Naturopath with an MS Center – Dr. Bates – $400 (initial), $100 each follow-up visit
Herbalist – Meadow Queen – $85/visit not including remedies
Spinal Network Analyst – Suzanne McBride – $150 (initial), $50 each follow-up visit
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)– Beth Sorger – $150 – I ended up not seeing her because I found someone else who combines this technique with other techniques
Landmark Forum – $610 for a 3 day weekend – I ended up not doing this because I felt it wasn’t a good choice for me
Buddhist Psychologist – Pilar Jennings -$175/session – she reduced her price for me
Eden Energy Medicine – Marjorie Fein – $175/session
Medic Intuitive – Elaine Woodall – $250/session
Hippocrates Institute – In Florida, mandatory 2 week stay – $5,200
Traditional Chinese Medicine – Dr. Yong en Shei – $75 plus herbal remedies $75

Many of these men and women I would need to go back to several times throughout the month and for many months. It took me 12 years to really acquire this disease, it may take a few months, if not years, to completely eliminate it from my body.

These past 2 weeks alone, this has cost me $2,215 of which NONE of it is covered by health insurance. This does not include the 3 MRI’s I had, the multitude of blood work, the vitamins and supplements and the herbal remedies. That may take the cost to over $4500 if not more. (Brain MRI’s can be anywhere between $1000 and $4500 for each one and I had 3. I am waiting to see what my insurance covers)

Treating myself holistically and naturally is quite a costly endeavor. HOWEVER, In the long run, it will save me even more money since not one of those healers told me I have to be on medication the rest of my life. And, it will save me on developing other problems that I have to deal with as well as stress.

So yes, it is worth every penny. My health always is. But for some people, they don’t have that pretty penny to spend. So if you know someone who is looking to try healing holistically before turning to meds as a last measure, please have them contact me; whether they have MS or not. I can help guide them. Mind you, there are many more hundreds if not thousands of techniques that are used to heal and multiply that by 100’s of people who are trained to heal in that technique. But, 3 weeks ago, when I first began I was so overwhelmed and had no idea what any of this was that any guidance would have been helpful.

I will start writing future blogs about my experiences with different doctors/healers to give a better idea of what each person does.

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