Please… Stop Forgetting…


When you go home tonight, remember to cherish your partner.

Look at her, rub the back of your palm along her cheek, hold her close to you and remember why you fell in love with her in the first place.

Before you go to bed massage him, nibble on his fingers, put your head on his chest, tickle him, whisper “I love you”.

When you wake up, hold her hand in bed, kiss her on the elbow, whisper “I love you”, make her a cup of tea. Then kiss her twice before she leaves the house.

Hold hands wherever you go. Hold each other whenever you get a free moment.

Whisper “I love you” in her/his ear. And Again. And Again.

Forget about what idiotic thing he or she may have done last week and think about all the wonderful things that have happened in your relationship.

Forgive each other and forgive yourself. Say I am sorry and make real changes.

Love one another.

Stop forgetting to love one another!!!!

Because out there, all around you, there are people who want to love and be loved by their partner, who want to cherish each and every moment, who want to feel the skin of the one they love next to them every single night.

But not all of us have the freedom to do so.

My fiancee and I were just denied the privilege of being together. Due to forces beyond our control, we are forced to continue living separately, possibly for another year. It feels unfair, unjust and inexplicable. I feel scared, lonely and helpless. But, I have no choice but to accept it and continue to fight for the man I love to be by my side.

You do have a choice. Every morning you wake up, you can choose to love your partner all over again. Or, you can choose to be caught up in your world of work, responsibilities, friends, bills, shopping lists.

For me and my boyfriend. For my broken heart and unknown future. For 2 people who do not have that choice. Please, give your partner a hug this morning and whisper “I love you”.

PS. Fight for your love like we will continue to fight for ours.

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  1. um?

    why not just marry him? seems the simplest solution to the problem…

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