When We Want to Want a Real Want (Part 1)


(as you can see from the title, the word “want” will be very repetitive in this post!)

In 2007 I remember sitting on a sofa in San Francisco with my friend Bjorn. We had planned a date to watch The Secret in full and then talk about it. What we spoke about was our awe with the message. “Ask. Believe. Receive.” It was so simple that it just could not possibly work. Or could it?

What I later found, after implementing this technique, quite successfully I might add, was that the message was very powerful and worked consistently and quickly… for me. The hard truth that came along with this realization was that whenever I asked for something I wanted and really pursued it with all my heart and belief, I got it. Amazing you might say. Except, I would soon discover, and in some cases not so quickly discover, that I never really wanted “it” at all.

I was so concerned with getting all these things, emotions, relationships, jobs, etc. that I thought I wanted and then when they came to me, all of a sudden I had the burden of dealing with these new found problems and facing the fact that I was still in no way closer to understanding what it was I really wanted. And, now I had so many other responsibilities from making poor choices for myself that it felt even more difficult to pursue that which I wanted.

So the question develops… How do we know what we really want, for ourselves, without the influence of others? And then, when you discover that maybe you want (to do) something different, what hardship and criticism must you face?

“Whatever I thought right seems bad to others;
whatever seemed wrong to me,
others approved of.
I ran into feuds whenever I found myself,
I met disfavor wherever I went;
if I longed for happiness, I only stirred up misery;
so I had to be called “Woeful”:
Woe is all I possess.”
~Wagner, Die Walkure~

How many of you find yourselves on a journey whose destination you did not plan out? How many of you are struggling with the choices you made and cannot see a way to back peddle and start over? How many of you really have no idea what you want?

I was given guidance in learning how to discover what it is I really wanted. If you are ready, I would love to share this practice with you. Contact me if you think you might want to take that leap into the unknown. Be willing to jump.

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